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Jeff Deal

A few words from
our CEO, Jeff Deal:

For those of you new to Hamilton Engineering and our products, I'd like to share a bit of of our company philosophy with you, so it might shed some light on to why you might not have heard of us.


Using a network of hot water specialist distributors throughout North, Central and South America, Hamilton has been providing customized hot water solutions to a wide variety of clients for over thirty years. As a company, we are not looking to sell truckloads of boilers or water heaters; instead, we look to sell individualized systems that address each customer's needs, based on a more in-depth survey of site information than most other companies would use. The information we use to engineer the perfect system for a particular application includes previous issues and product life, water quality, and everything in between. Using this information, we can engineer, design and build a hot water system that addresses everything possible, from floor space, to budget, to previous operational issues and even potential future issues.


Hamilton's packaged systems provide single point utility connections to whatever number of appliances are contained in the solution. All of the near appliance water, gas and condensate piping, wiring, and venting manifolds are pre-assembled as a complete operating system and then fully tested; this ensures that when the system arrives on-site, the time required for complete installation and start up is a fraction of the time required to install a site-built system. This provides single source responsibility and virtually eliminates callbacks, while saving money on the total installed cost and the life cycle cost of any need for heated water.


We may not be a household name, but with an installed base of well over 25,000 custom commercial/industrial systems, we are the place to look for hot water solutions!


Who is Hamilton Engineering?

Hamilton Engineering was founded in 1981 to serve markets that require special water heating and building heat applications. Since its inception, the company’s philosophy has remained unchanged: to provide the customer with the highest quality water heaters and hydronic boilers at a competitive price, and to give the best attainable service and sales support in every industry the company serves.


What types of products does Hamilton Engineering offer?

Hamilton Engineering’s primary line is the EVO family of high efficiency condensing water heaters, boilers, and pool heaters that are up to 99.8% efficient. These models range from 79,000 BTU’s to 2,000,000 BTU’s per unit, and can be combined to provide an enormous range of BTU outputs. We also offer a line of copper finned products that range in size from 45,000 to 2,070,000 BTU’s, with efficiencies ranging from 81% to 85%. Our varied product lines help us to provide the right system and the right price for any budget!


We round out our ability to meet any form of hot water demand you may have with our indirect and steam heated tanks, electric and gas-fired self-contained water heaters, and storage tanks � with capacities ranging from 80 to 3,800 gallons � in a variety of materials and finishes.


What makes Hamilton Engineering unique in the industries we serve?

We are the only supplier that routinely calls on the various manufacturers of hot water and steam consuming equipment (washers, dishwashers, shower heads, etc) and works directly with their engineering departments to get the most accurate and up-to-date ratings on their equipment. We also maintain an extensive database of older equipment, so no matter the age of your facility, it’s highly likely we have the appropriate consumption data. All of this allows us to create the most accurate sizing possible for your project, using our proprietary CompSize system. By using actual consumption data for your equipment � instead of just rule-of-thumb estimations � CompSize ensure that the system you purchase will provide enough hot water to meet your needs, without wasting your money on a system that’s too large.


Additionally, Hamilton Engineering is the only supplier in the industry that can provide completely pre-plumbed, factory-assembled and tested systems with up to 8 million BTU’s of input. These custom-designed and manufactured arrangements carry both the UL 795 and CSA 3.4 certifications, thereby assuring you a properly engineered and assembled system, no matter the application. Other advantages of pre-plumbing include single-point utility connections for water, gas, and electric, as well as common exhaust and intake air venting with our common vent manifolds.


Hamilton provides Computer Aided Design drawings, installation assistance, and a 24/7 emergency service line to attend to all your technical needs. We also actively participate in the various trade associations so that we stay up-to-date with the changing needs and regulations of the industry.


How can I learn more?

Easy! Email us at or call us at (800) 968-5530.


Hamilton Engineering, Inc

34000 Autry St.
Livonia, MI��48150
Toll Free: (800) 968-5530
International: (734) 419-0200
Fax: (734) 419-0209


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