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Hamilton Engineering has all of your Domestic Hot Water solution, with efficient sizes from 88% up to 4000 MBH, and 99.8% up to 2000 MBH in a single cabinet.


  • Custom System Solutions DHW, custom built systems for your job site.
  • Heat your hard water indirectly with our Odd WaterSystems to protect your heater.
  • Broad range of copper fin products from 100 MBH to 4000 MBH

EVO Rack Pack



EVO Rack Pack

99.8% efficient heaters,

ranging from 79 to 599 MBH


82% to 95% efficient water heaters

and boilers, ranging from 100 to 4000 MBH


Evo Water Systems


82% to 96% efficient water heaters

ranging from 100 to 4000 MBH

Odd Water Systems

For hard water areas

without a water softener


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