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Hamilton Engineering’s over 15 years of condensing water heating production have led to the next generation of high efficiency water heaters and boilers, setting the bar higher than it’s ever been and departing from what the industry has offered before. It’s yesterday’s simplicity paired with tomorrow’s technology.


  • Design Flexibility - Hamilton’s unique design allows for Full Flow, Variable Primary or Primary Secondary for a truly versatile boiler system.
  • True Onboard Intelligence The 3VO uses Hamilton’s HOT™ Controls to provide real-time operating data from 5 pressure sensors and up to 7 temperature sensors per appliance. This data allows automatic operating adjustments to avoid nuisance faults, and pin-point accuracy on required maintenance, allowing the proper technician and service components to be sent out the first time.
  • Ease of Use - The 3VO is the perfect marriage of today’s cutting edge technology and the simple boiler design of past eras, resulting in state of the art water heating that is actually easy to use and maintain.
  • Modulating Burner - Up to 7:1 turndown ratio adjusts to meet demand, further increasing efficiency while reducing cycling.
  • Masterless Cascading Controls - Up to 8 units can communicate with one another to operate as one large system, maintaining precise temperature control, even appliance wear, and flexible first-on, first-off dedicated unit.
  • Category IV Common Venting - Up to 8 units may be common vented together—3VO’s non-return valves and proprietary software make this possible.
  • Scale Monitoring - Internal software constantly monitors heat exchanger performance in all applications using dual pressure sensors to warn if scale formation is beginning.
  • Serviceability - All service can be performed from the front, top, and rear, with zero clearance required on the sides. All components requiring maintenance are removable in less than five minutes by one person.


EVO Rack Pack



  • All 316L stainless steel, 125 PSI water-tube, down-fired construction, Hamilton Engineering-designed and manufactured in Michigan
  • ASME H or HLW construction and certification
  • Fully serviceable heat exchanger—removable heads with straight tubes that are individually cleanable (inside and out) and replaceable
  • Variable Primary capable—minimum 5:1 water flow turndown ratio possible
  • The industry’s lowest pressure drop in any water-tube product, and lower than the majority of fire-tube products—less than 7 fee of head at 30°F∆T throughout the line
  • 4,000,000 BTU/hr model requires less than 1 BHP for pumping at a 30°F∆T when paired with its own pump


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