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Companion's Cold Water Injection System� maximizes the heater�s condensing efficiency by directing the coldest incoming water through the EVO�s heat exchanger. The unique design of Companion's tank with CWISTM eliminates flow rate restrictions that are common in tankless heaters.


The Companion�s design provides as much as 10% greater operating efficiency when compared to other �high efficiency�, self-contained heaters. When compared to an atmospherically fired self-contained heater, the savings are typically in excess of 25%. The CWIS� allows reduced cycling and greater volumes of hot water without a drop in delivered pressure, and typical heat loss from the storage tank is less than 1�F/hour.


Companion� is available utilizing models ranging from 129,000 BTU/hr to 630,000 BTU/hr, with tanks ranging from 80 to 160 gallons. Please note that not all tanks can accommodate all model sizes.

  • Space saving design, up to 99.8% efficiency
  • Inputs ranging from 129,000 BTU to 630,000 BTU/hr.
  • Storage ranging from 80 gallons to 160 gallons
    (not all tanks fit all BTU capacities)
  • Modulating burner with 5:1 turndown ratio
  • Patented Cold Water Injection System™
  • Stainless steel or optional glass-lined insulated tank
    (less than 1�F temp loss per hr.
  • Combined storage & recovery (modular construction with
    individually replaceable components)
  • Sealed combustion with PVC or stainless vent and air inlet
  • Up to 1432 gallons first hour delivery at 60�F temperature rise
  • Indirect Companion also available for areas with hard water
  • 10 Year Limited Warranty - in similar environments, a
    Companion will last up to three times longer than conventional
    self-contained heaters!
EVO Companion

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