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Innovative Condensing Technology
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Condensing combustion products are becoming mainstream in North, Central and South America. Following in the footsteps of our European neighbors, we are putting this energy and emissions saving technology to use, as rising fuel prices have made it a �must have� for profitability in industries that require heated water of any kind.

With well over 20 manufacturers displaying some form of condensing water heaters or heating boilers at the ASHRAE Show in January, 2008, why is Hamilton�s EVO the best choice for your next purchase?


� Highest possible operating efficiency over the greatest range of conditions.
Many manufacturers have designed, and currently produce, a product line that will only condense with extremely cold incoming water temperatures, and while firing at a minimum firing rate. This leaves much of the potential savings for the user of such a product going where they do with non-condensing products: right up the stack! Why pay for condensing technology if the product won�t condense when firing at the full-rated BTU input? That�s like leaving 10% of the potential savings right on the table!

Hamilton�s product engineers have patents on condensing technology dating back to 1974!

The EVO line of products carries the highest possible efficiency ratings and has been tested and certified to meet current CSA and ANSI standards. These certifications have been carried out by both our certification agency, Intertek ETL, and by 3rd party labs such as B.R. Laboratories in California.


� Products from 80,000 BTU/hr to 8,000,000 BTU/hr, using identical technology and design, for water heaters, heating boilers and pool heaters alike.
The EVO family of products was designed fro
m the ground up, using technology and components that have been proven in millions of products since 1992, assuring you proven, simple, efficient technology that is identical throughout our entire product line. If you can understand, set up and service our HW 79 product, you can do the same with our HW 1999. Whether your needs are just domestic hot water, space heating, or both - or even a pool heater - our EVO products are virtually identical, with the exceptions of internal operating software and a few safeties, as required by code.


� Serviceability
Any mechanical product will require some form of service throughout its lifetime, and the entire EVO line is designed for ease of service. Our engineers spend as much time on cabinet and component layout and design as we do on combustion and heat transfer technology. All of our products are designed to be serviced by simply opening the cabinet door, never having to remove other jacket panels, venting, wiring or piping. All major components can be accessed or removed within 60 seconds of opening the cabinet, saving you time on maintenance needs when they do arise.


� Systems Technology
Only the Hamilton EVO line can be shipped as a complete, factory-assembled and tested system, with up to 8,000,000 BTU�s of input. These custom designed and manufactured arrangements carry the UL 795 and CSA 3.4 certifications, assuring you a properly engineered and assembled system, no matter your application. These assemblies provide you with single point connections for water (incoming and outgoing), condensate neutralizer to drain, gas, electrical intermediate disconnect, as well as exhaust and intake air venting through our common vent manifolds.

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