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Whatever your budget or footprint requirements are, we have a system that will work for you. The efficiencies of the units in this line range from 81% to 88% (non- or near-condensing) and 96% (condensing), using an integrated secondry heat exchanger. Designs encompass both the conventional, atmospheric-fired, or pressurized combustion methods, with the latter available in both horizontal and vertical styles. Inputs range from 100 to 4000 MBH.




Sealed Combustion

From 300,000 BTU to 4,000,000 BTU

Up to 98% efficiency


Pressurized sealed combustion uses an inlet air connection to draw outdoor air directly to the combustion chamber, resulting in a balanced pressure on the exhaust and air inlet. This eliminates combustion and operational problems resulting from inadequate combustion and ventilation air.


Because no openings to the outside are required, additional energy is conserved in heating and cooling of the building. Our 88% and above efficient, sealed combustion units are typically microprocessor controlled, with features such as staged firing, to further promote an efficient use of fuel.


Pressurized Combustion

From 225,000 BTU to 2,300,000 BTU
Up to 85% efficiency


Pressurized combustion minimizes the effects of combustion room variables from the air-gas mixing process. One or more internal fans, inside of a combustion chamber that is sealed from the local environment, are utilized to create a pressure slightly higher than the surrounding atmosphere, which results in an air and gas mix that is completely controlled.


Like atmospheric models, pressurized combustion models rely on adequate combustion and ventilation air to be provided through properly sized openings in the wall to the outside of the building. In our pressurized design, the process of combustion is then independent from localized atmospheric conditions, and a steady efficiency and level of emissions is achieved.

Atmospheric Combustion

From 100,000 BTU to 4,000,000 BTU

Up to 83% efficiency


Heaters utilizing atmospheric combustion are designed so that the combustion chamber is open to the atmosphere, drawing in combustion air from the openings in the room, connected on the outside of the building. There are no internal controls to compensate for changes in the air supply.


Many variables such as barometric pressure, wind conditions or even open versus shut doors and windows, have an effect on the burner�s efficiency and quantity of emissions into the environment, so the selection of this design should take that into account. Each of our atmospheric combustion models have inlet & outlet thermometers, built-in draft diverters, and the options for a cupro-nickel heat exchanger and low water cut off.



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