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Custom System Solutions

Custom Solutions EVO

EVO packages
from 79,000 BTU to 5,000,000 BTU

  • Factory designed, engineered, and pre-fabricated
  • Modular design for easy expansion
  • Single source responsibility
  • Simple and fast field assembly
  • Extremely compact footprint
  • Designed and built in conformance with ASPE standards
  • ASTM Certified materials
  • Hamilton is an UL 795 & CSA 3.4 custom system fabricator




  • Pre-piped and wired for single point connections - gas, power, cold water in, hot water out,
    and condensate drain
  • Common venting for single combustion air and single flue for complete system
  • Cascade controls for multiple heaters
  • Pre-piped circulation pump for each heater
  • Pre-piped to single or multiple storage tanks
  • Seismically rated mounting rack with leveling legs




  • CWIS� (Cold Water Injection System) to maximize heater efficiency and usable tank volume
  • Pre-piped indirect heat exchanger (for hard water applications)
  • Full skid mounted
  • Bolt down tabs/floor mounts
  • Expansion tanks
  • Calcium insulation shields
  • Brand specific, pre-wired BMS Gateways
  • UL 795 & CSA 3.4 test and label

Custom Evo Solutions 


Custom EVO Solutions

These complete system solutions are customizable beyond the basic modular design, eliminating the potential for incorrect piping, wiring, or assembly. Single source responsibility for this complex portion of a plumbing system ensures trouble free start up and more efficient operation for years to come.


Whether a single water heater or twelve, Custom System Solutions are designed and fabricated to eet your specifications. Substantial product and component inventories and modular design concepts ensure quick turn around and delivery on your most complex projects. Our 24/7 factory support before, during, and after the sale, makes this a complete package every time!

System above is
constructed of stainless
steel for pecial application

Every sytem solution
is plug and play!

Piping manifolds, pumps, tanks,
heat exchangers, controls -
your design or ours!


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