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Hamilton Engineering�s full line of condensing combustion products (EVO Boilers and EVO Water Heaters with Innovative Condensing Technology) are the mainstream in energy and emissions saving technology today. Rising fuel prices and the need to be green have made Hamilton�s EVO products the �must have� in hot water systems for profitability in industries that require heated water systems.


  • Efficiency - Up to 99.8% depending on incoming water temperature
  • Construction - All 316L stainless steel is used for the heat exchanger
  • Capacities - Systems from 79,000 - 5,000,000 BTU/hr
  • Unique Features - Common venting, cascading controls, modulating burners,
    pre-assembled systems, scale monitoring, freeze protection, and heating control configurations
  • Guarantee. Hamilton Engineering EVO Boilers and Water Heaters carry a 100% satisfaction guarantee.



How condensing technology works


In the combustion process, a minimum of 11% of the heat generated is latent hear (wet heat -- think steam). In non-condensing combustion, only a portion of the sensible heat (dry heat) is transferred to the water; the rest of the dry heat and all of the wet heat is released into the atmosphere through the venting system as wasted energy.


In the EVO condensing system, the products of combustion (some of the wet heat and all of the dry heat) are forced to pass over the portion of the heat exchanger where the coolest water enters the system. At this point, the flue gasses condense, releasing trapped heat that is then absorbed into the water through the heat exchanger. Condensate (water) and low temperature flue gasses are left behind - flue gasses so cool, in fact, they can be vented through PVC, if desired!

EVO Model Sizes

EVO Model Sizes

Evo Side view




EVO Rack Pack


Features Include

  • Steel constructed rack mounting - Modular welded steel rack supports the entire system and includes leveling bolts
  • Factory engineered common venting - Only one inlet air and one exhaust opening required for up to 8 units, AL29- 4C stainless steel or PVC (where local jurisdictions allow)
  • Electrical power supply (208/240v - 50/60hz - 1ph) - All units and their pumps are pre-wired with breaker panel service disconnects - one field connection
  • Gas manifold - Welded black pipe gas manifold provides a single point connection that includes individual shutoffs
  • Cascade controls - A two wire communication cable between units facilitates the use of this feature, while maintaining independent primary safety controls. In the event of lost communication, control reverts back to the individual units


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