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Odd Water Systems


Benefits of an Odd Water System

Designed for areas with poor water quality, Hamilton�s Odd Water Systems isolate your water heating system from the harmful effects of lime scale build-up. Lime scale build-up will reduce a water heater�s efficiency by insulating the heated surface, driving up your utility costs. This build-up will also drastically shorten the life of the water heater. Hamilton�s Odd Water Systems utilize a second heat exchanger to isolate the water heater from the hard water, protecting it from any scale build-up.


� Eliminates hard water scale � Extends heater life � Maintains heater efficiency � Compact design


By eliminating your gas fired
water heater, you eliminate:


  • Additional installation costs of
    a gas line and exhaust venting
  • Heater Maintenance
  • Heater Operation
  • The need for additional combustion
    air openings for proper operation
  • Troublesome vent dampers
  • Frequent replacement costs

Construction Features


  • 316T Stainless Steel storage tank
  • Available in 80 or 120 gallon sizes
  • 316T Stainless heating coil (single or dual)
  • 2 inches of closed cell foam insulation,
    surrounding the entire tank -
    top, bottom and sides
  • Heavy gauge, high density, polyethylene
    outer jacket; won�t rust, dent, or tear
  • All brass condensate and steam controls
  • 5 year limited tank and coil warranty

Odd Water


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