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The San-O3-tyzer by Hamilton Engineering and Aquawing Ozone Systems is an innovative new system that uses a perfect blend of heat and ozone in every wash cycle, giving store owners (and their customers) peace of mind, knowing that their washers have been completely sanitized! Adding ozone to the wash allows the use lower-temperature water (if desired) in a hot cycle; which will substantially lower utility bills, reduce the carbon footprint of the store, and reduce the wear on fabrics!


"Happy to report people can smell and feel the difference...for our wash, dry & fold business, [my attendants] tell me the clothes smell better and feel softer. They also tell me several of the customers have noticed their clothes smelling better!�

----- Art J.   

Sanotyzer Benefits


Unparalleled Features!


  • With multiple ozone injectors, the San-O3-tyzer Lite� can dynamically adjust the level of ozone added to meet the government requirements for sanitization even under varying demand; whether one or all of the washers in the bulkhead are filling.
  • The built in excess ozone elimination system removes ozone not entrained in the wash water, and returns it back to the outdoor atmosphere that it was created from. Without this system, undissolved ozone can degrade metallic plumbing systems.
  • Industry-tested and proven components offer reliable and lasting service. This is not new technology, just a new application!



Watch the San-O3-tyzer Lite in action!






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