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Water Treatment

Benefits of Peak Softeners

  • Use less water - Metered flow means the softener only regenerates after a specific amount of water has gone through the tank. This eliminates the needless regenerating and guesswork found in timer- only sofeners, and conserves the water that would have been used in the process.
  • Use less salt - Peaksoft softeners are also designed to regenerate earlier in their capacity cycle. The result is that less brine is required to recharge the media, which can result in up to a 35% savings in salt usage.
  • Experience less pressure loss - Industry standard practices for sizing water softeners allow for water pressure loss of as much as 25 psi through the tank. Peaksoft softeners are sized to significantly minimize water pressure loss.


Programmable Controls

  • Optional microprocessor monitors and manages system activity.
  • Activates one, two, or three tanks, depending on water flow demand.
  • Determines optimum time for tank recharging and schedules for off-peak times.
  • Alternates �lead tank� for even use distribution.
  • Ideal for applications with a large variance in water flow rates.


Why Soften Your Water?

  • Savings of up to 25% in water heating costs
  • Scale build-up causes heat retention and reduces heat conductivity; softened water does not cause scaling
  • The life expectancy of your water heater can be extended by up to 15% or more
  • �Lime soap� can cause fabric graying, stickiness, and cause a foul odor
  • Better results can be realized using up to 30% fewer chemicals (such as soap), and fabric life can be increased as much as 40%
  • Fewer chemicals means less rinsing and less mechanical action
  • Increases fabric life by removing residual hardness minerals


Water Treatment


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